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Policy Update: President Trump’s Policies Are Hurting American Workers
By David Madland, Karla Walter, Alex Rowell, Zoe Willingham, and Malkie Wall
On the campaign trail and in office, President Donald Trump has promised to fight for the American worker. Yet since he took office in January 2017, President Trump and his administration have acted at least 53 times to betray this promise. His administration has rolled back protections to ensure that American workers can be safe on the job, receive fair pay and benefits, save for retirement, access high-quality training programs, have a voice in their workplace, and not be discriminated against at work.

To hold President Trump accountable, the Center for American Progress Action Fund’s American Worker Project has been tracking actions the president takes to weaken job protections for Americans »

Our list includes legislation and orders signed by the president; procedural changes and regulations enacted or proposed by his administration; and official statements of policy. This column documents anti-worker actions that occurred from the start of the Trump administration until April 1, 2019, and includes new actions as well as updates on previously published sections. Going forward, CAP Action will produce additional columns and op-eds to document how the president has broken his promises to workers.
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